M-Class Planet (#EARTH) – current #inhabitants: approx. 7 billion (mostly #stupid)

Not that long ago, (in fact it’s happening right now) and in this region of the galaxy…



It is a period of intense stupidity on planet Earth. Ignorance (which is the parent of fear) is everywhere. People on all sides appear to have lost the plot and the majority have handed their will and their lives over to an elite and corrupt few. Greed has become the motivating factor in many peoples lives and materialism is out of control. There is much needless suffering and whilst many complain about their broadband speeds and rubbish TV, millions are without clean air, water or basic sanitation. Ignorance is the new bliss.

The mindless masses remain distracted and live in fear of an invISible enemy. The ‘civilised’ world continues to wage war on terrorism, but very few have yet to realised that

WAR IS TERRORISM with a bigger budget.

A handful of ‘white’ lives have been taken in random protest killings by so called ‘extremists’, whilst millions die from poverty and pollution every year. More Americans die at the hands of other Americans each day than so called ‘terrorists’ kill in a year, yet no one questions their leaders. Apathy is the new political policy.

Planet Earth, in a vein attempt to prevent the inevitable, continues to provide huge clues that she is dying and that this way of life cannot go on much longer, but few appear to care and even less are willing to change. The masters of illusion have created ‘green taxes’ and ‘carbon credits’ to ease public anxiety, but the needless destruction of natural resources continues. Over 3 billion people are idly waiting for the return of a biblical saviour, whilst many more rely on the holy grail of science to save their lost souls. Meanwhile, in a remote corner of cyberspace, a small group of rebels have allied themselves to create a United Federation, a resistance movement with one purpose, to restore peace and justice to the people of planet Earth…


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