With the 2015 General Election now firmly behind us and a majority Conservative government now officially the ruling party, I have a ask myself, is this it?

Are we now stuck with a Tory government for the foreseeable future?

With Labour losing all but one seat to the SNP in Scotland, it seems rather obvious to me that Labour has, sadly, been relegated to the sidelines. Assuming that Scotland has spoken and decide that the SNP are here to stay, where are Labour going to find approximately 100 additional seats at the next general election?

We also have to take into account that UKIP made strong gains across the UK, even though they didn’t actually pick up any seats in parliament. UKIP appear to have hurt the Labour vote more than the Conservative one.

So where does that leave us and by us I mean the 99% who aren’t members of the upper class elite? Middle class, immigrant, working class and underclass. We’re all in this together.

You have to remember that the reason big businesses support a Tory government is because the Tories represent capitalist ideals and the economy, which is what big business wants. Big businesses are owned and operated by the supper rich, upper class elite, for the super rich upper class elite. The economy does not work for the masses.

I would argue that if you believe a Conservative government has you’re best interests at heart, you are sadly mistaken. Our class structure in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few decades and the middle classes now believe themselves to be something of an elite class, even the upper middle class believe they are something special.

With unskilled UK nationals and EU migrant workers now forming the majority of the working class population, I feel the middle classes have wrongly assumed a sense of class superiority. It may appear that we, as a nation, are better off than we have ever been, especially the middle classes, but this is only because we ignore how wealthy the super rich, upper class elite are.

I would argue that the inequality gap is now greater than it has ever been in human history. The difference between those who have more than they could ever need and those who have less than is required to simply survive is unimaginable.

Here’s a thought experiment to prove that whilst we think we’re all getting richer, we’re not and to act as a reminder that money only serves to work for those who wield the power to create it. Governments and banks.

I used to be able to purchase a can of Coke for 20p. I now accept that I can pay 100p or more for a can of Coke, depending on where I am at the time of purchase. Over time prices go up. This is known as inflation.Yet the cost of producing that can of Coke has decreased over the same period of time. Hmm? Something doesn’t feel right here and that’s because the automation of production has dramatically increased the volume of production, whilst decreasing the associated labour costs. Improved technology has also improved the manufacturing process, streamlining production and further reducing costs, yet my can of Coke has gone up in cost, not down as I should expect.

This is because inflation works to create more for those who have it and less for those that don’t.

For a second imagine the concept of measurement. Let’s take the metric system.

  • 1mm
  • 1cm
  • 1m
  • 1km

These are human created concepts that are universally excepted values and because of modern technology we have a very precise way of being able to measure and reproduce these units of measurement.

Because these units are universally accepted we can work together to build amazing technologies that were out of reach of our ancestors. Construction, manufacturing, technology. All these things advance at break neck speeds because we can all work together using the same designs, machinery and engineering principals.

Now take another human concept.

Good and Evil.

There is no universally agreed concept of good and evil. Different societies have different laws. Different cultures have different ideals and different religions have different beliefs on what is good and what is evil. Because of these differences we fight each other in an attempt to gain superiority over the other in order to impose our own concepts of what is good and what is evil.

Now apply this same logic of universal acceptance to money.

There is no universally agreed form of money or currency.

We place asset values on things such as gold and diamonds but money and currency and thus our assets fluctuate in value because we do not have a universally agreed concept for money.

People make a living through trading in money. They make money by buying and selling money and in the process create more money. Because our global economy supports the continued creation of money or currency, those who control the system can create more of it for themselves at a rate faster than those who have to earn it.

If you can create money you are unaffected by inflation.

If you have to earn money you are a slave to inflation.

If we could agree that 1 unit of money always equalled 1 unit of money then we could end inequality because we could begin to redistribute the wealth, but whilst money fluctuates those who have it and can create more of it will continue to get richer and the rest of us will get poorer, even if you think you’re getting richer.

The Conservatives support the continuation of this system, which is why I fear for our future.


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