The general disaffection with #GE2015

The date of the next general election is less than 3 weeks away, on Thursday 7 May 2015.

I’ve always voted. I’ve voted in every election that I’ve been eligible to vote in. I’ve chosen to spoiled my vote previously when I couldn’t bring myself to choose between the lesser of the available evils, but I still chose to use my vote.

I absolutely and categorically disagree that not voting is a sign of protest. I see not voting as apathetic, lazy and disrespectful. It has not always been the case that everyone has the freedom to vote and for that we should be deeply grateful that we live in a society where every citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote.

I wholeheartedly implore you to use your vote in any way that you see fit, but please, please, please use it. Don’t waste it.

If everyone voted, even if everyone spoiled their vote, the political establishments would have to sit up and take note that the people have spoken.

Not voting does not convey the same message.

As you can probably gather, I have a great respect for our democratic process, even if I no longer have much faith in the political parties that I have to choose from to represent my interests in parliament.

So what’s it to be this time round?

The three main UK political parties; Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats put our economy at the top of the agenda, but does that make it right?

I want to vote for my future, our future, and for all our childrens futures.

I’m frustrated at the continued efforts of some to try to fix a system that, in my opinion, is fundamentally flawed and is now broken beyond repair. Sometimes knowing when to give up and start over takes great wisdom but I believe we have it in us to create something better, that is fairer and provides freedom for everyone, not just the privileged and the elite.

The system that was originally created to service the few no longer functions effectively to service the many and thus needs to change.

I believe there are more important things that should be the focus of this election, but they’re not making the headlines because no one wants to listen to doom and gloom. However, sticking our proverbial heads in the sand won’t make these issues just go away.

This may sound ominous but I’m going to say it none the less, so that when (not if) it all falls apart, at least I have it on record:

  1. Our living planet, Gaia, is on the brink of destruction
  2. Our UK economy and the world economy is on the verge of collapse
  3. Our global society and first world way of life is short lived and we are at the twilight of the biggest energy crisis the world has ever seen
  4. Our global misuse of antibiotics has brought us to within one super bug of a global epidemic

As a so called ‘intelligent’ species, surely the conservation of the earths natural resources and the protection of the environment (the only life sustaining planet within our technological reach) should be our number one priority?

Have we not evolved beyond the point where the pursuit of material goods and the accumulation of wealth should no longer be our primary concern?

The primary purpose of government is to protect the individual rights of its citizens. Well why aren’t they protecting our right to breath clean air and to drink clean water? Our entire home planet, not yours or mine home town, not our country, our entire PLANET, is covered in a layer of haze that will never disappear within our lifetime. We will never witness a completely crystal clear atmosphere and it is only going to get worse unless fundamental change is implemented immediately. If you haven’t noticed, just stare into the distance from anywhere on earth and you’ll eventually see the haze.

Even the Green Party are misleading us with their policies on renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. For every wind farm that is built, there has to be a corresponding fossil fuelled power station for the simple fact that the wind does not blow all the time and we like electricity 24/7, 365 days a year.

It is for this simple reason that energy companies love building wind farms. The government subsidise the production of the wind farm in the first place and the energy companies know that their ‘green’ investment, that makes them look good to you and I, will never put their traditional business model out of business, because fossil fuelled power stations will continue to be needed.

So just for a minute, consider the following two statements:

Firstly that we have a limited amount of resources on this planet. This is an indisputable fact. When we use all of something up it is gone forever, unless we can grow more of it, replicate it synthetically somehow or go elsewhere to get it, like Mars for example.

Secondly, energy is only limited to the amount of energy available within the entire universe, so for all intent and purpose (within our lifetime and the next few 100,000 generations at least) the amount of energy available is potentially limitless.

Now think what a society with unlimited, cheap or even free energy could achieve?

Our current global economy, in its simplest form, is based on a system whereby the people who own the worlds natural resources, exploit it and sell it to us in order to make a profit. We then all partake in this system because we think we want ‘stuff’ when what we actually need is oil, gas and electricity to make our ‘stuff’ work.

We seem to have forgotten that we originally harnessed fire to enable us to cook our food, keep us warm and ward off predators. Now we burn fossil fuels to power everything we do and this needs to change because: a) it won’t last forever and b) if we use much more of it we won’t last much longer.

But change doesn’t happen unless we make changes and that takes effort. Voting doesn’t take much effort, but it does take some, so please, even if you don’t want to vote for any of the political parties or what they are offering, at the very least turn up to your polling station and register your dissatisfaction by spoiling your vote.

Remember a no vote means NO, but not voting is not a vote. Nothing changes unless you change it.


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